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The Unbreakable Trio(10)

By:Sam Crescent

Did the men have plans for getting married? She scrambled through her brain to think of all the conversations they’d had over the years. They’d talked about girls who’d kissed them or something like that. Never had they talked about sex with girls.

Had there been a barrier they’d refused to cross and she’d never known about it?

Claire showered and dressed, ready for bed. The men were in the sitting room watching a movie.

Like so many times before, the space between them was vacant. She sat down, and they offered her popcorn and candy. The movie was a lame action movie, more money spent on the explosions than the story line. She wouldn’t tell them how much she loved watching romance films. They’d make fun, and she’d never get to watch one.

Soon the lead actor was being led to a bedroom by a large-chested woman. Claire tensed. She’d watched loads of movies with sex in them. All the other times she hadn’t been as blatantly aroused imagining Liam and Shane reaching out to her. Touching her. Tasting her.

“Man, why do they have to pretend they can be gymnasts? I mean look at the guy, he looks like he’s doing some sort of yoga move while pounding her,” Liam said, from her left.

“Don’t know. Makes normal men like us look feeble, I guess,” Shane said.

“Aren’t you going to throw in your point?” Liam nudged her on the shoulder.

She shook her head.

“Surely, with all your female wisdom, you’d be able to add something to this.”

“Sorry. I’ve don’t have any opinion on this. The movie’s crap, and I’m not overanalyzing it.”

Liam laughed, his arm reaching along the back of the sofa. He started playing with her hair. The movie didn’t provide any distraction for Claire at all. Every touch felt sexual, as if he was trying to seduce her by the touching of her hair.

She sat and watched until the credits came up. Leaving the room was out of the question. Her legs were like jelly, and she couldn’t guarantee she’d be strong enough to carry herself.

Liam moved his arm and stretched.

Don’t stare at his pants.

Close your eyes and think of something gross.

Spiders. Eww, would rather be thinking of Liam and cock.

Claire opened her eyes and stared at the television.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m tired. See ya tomorrow.” Liam leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, and left the room.

The moment he left, Shane stood. “I’ve got to finish off my chores.”

Claire suddenly felt invisible. The only option for her was to go to bed. She closed off the sitting room and replaced the movie in its box before going to her room.

She closed the door, removed her robe, and slipped between the sheets. Book at the ready, she began reading.

Usually the books she read had her intrigued within seconds. But tonight, as time went by, she read the same page over and over. The page was a total blank to her. She couldn’t remember what the story was about or who the characters were. Her own life had become much better than the escapism of a safe story.

Shaking her head in frustration, she threw the book onto the bed, flung the covers off, and grabbed her robe. She needed some fresh air. Wrapping the robe around her body, she made her way out of her room.

The house was dark and silent.

She opened the back door and stood on the porch overlooking the ranch fields. Her knowledge of ranching was minimal. Feeding the workers she was good at. She loved being part of a family that needed her and cared about her.

Growing up with older brothers and sisters might have sounded like a dream. For Claire, being the youngest had been lonely. No one had time to play with her. She wasn’t old enough to fight with the boys or for the girls to do her makeup.

Shane and Liam always had time for her. She closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh scent of the air. The scent wasn’t tainted or impure. This was perfection, being free to be herself without fear of being gossiped about.

The door opened, and she knew it was Shane. He wouldn’t make his presence known until he needed to. She felt him like she did Liam. Their connection was stronger than she’d ever realized.

Opening her eyes, she gazed up at the stars. Would her future be changing tonight?

Chapter Six

Shane stood in the doorway. Claire stood in a robe which seemed to mold to her figure and emphasize her full breasts and hips. The moon did nothing to hide every outline of her body. His mouth watered to get a taste of everything she had to offer.

He stepped forward, and he noticed her tension. Not bothering to back down, Shane moved until he was pressed to her back. His hands went to either side of her on the railing, trapping her in. This had been the first time they’d touched since that night.