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Thursday Nights(87)

By:Lisa N. Paul

Julie went straight into Danny’s arms, her face stoic but solid, and Max reached out his hand and looped it around Janie’s waist. She snuggled into his lap but watched as Lyla froze. Turning her head to see what had caught her friend’s attention she saw Ashley sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. Her hands were shaking like leaves on a tree in a windstorm as the color bled from her face. Ryan, who had been sitting on the coach behind her slid to the floor, pulling her between his jean-clad legs and wrapping his tattooed arms around her.

The pair was quiet—not a sound came from either one, but their silence screamed pain. Janie had no idea what just happened, but she had a feeling the coming storm was going to bring a whole lot more than just rain…