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To Catch a Husband…(50)

By:Sarah Mallory

'Happy?' he murmured.


He reached for her left hand and raised it to his lips, kissing the finger that bore the little ring he had given her.

'Tomorrow I shall buy you a diamond ring. The best I can find.'

'Not too big,' she protested. 'I should be afraid of losing it, and I want to wear it, always.'

'If you lose it I shall buy you another,' he said grandly. 'And you must  have emeralds to replace the ones you left behind at Kirkleigh.'

Kitty shook her head. 'Those jewels were never mine. They were intended  for the next Lady Harworth.' She wrapped her arms around him and  snuggled closer. 'I am so relieved it will not be me.'

'You are not sorry, then, to be marrying a mere tradesman?'

She chuckled.

'I am not, but I fear Mama might be disappointed.'

'I have news that may be of some consolation to her.'

She sat up.


He grinned at her.

'My father is to become a baronet. He will be Sir Samuel Blackwood.'

'Oh, Daniel, how wonderful! How long have you known of this?'

'Since I left London. I had several meetings in Whitehall while I was  there, you see. My father has been helping Pitt with, ah, shall we say,  financial support. The baronetcy is by way of a reward. And as it is  hereditary, you will become a lady after all!'

She hugged him.

'You are right. Mama will be delighted.'

'And you are not?'

'It does not matter to me at all. I only want to be your wife, Daniel.'

He brought Marnie to a halt.

'Are you sure, Kitty?'

'Perfectly sure.'

He cupped her face and kissed her.

'I love you, Kitty Wythenshawe.'

'To think we almost lost each other.' She put her arms around him,  resting her head on his shoulder, gazing up at the darkening sky.

'I am afraid if it had not been for me you could have married your  baron,' he said ruefully. 'I will do my best to make sure you never  regret it.'

She looked up at him, her eyes shining softly.

'You told me once I was trying to catch the moon, do you remember? What I  have now is so much better, Daniel. I have your love: I have the  stars.'