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Train's Clash(140)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

“Open the freaking door, Shade!” Killyama blasted Shade with a heated glare that had no effect on him at all.

“No. You might as well go back to the bridal room.”

“I’m just going across the street to get a cup of coffee.” Frustrated, she tried to squeeze past him again. If she didn’t have that ridiculously tight wedding gown on that Sex Piston had talked her into, she would have jammed a knee into his nuts.

As she huffily turned to go back to the room she had just sneaked out of, Shade said, “The next time you tell them you have to take a piss, tell one of them they better come to watch, or I will.”

“Asshole, I don’t know what Lily really sees in you … besides those tattoos.” She went into the room that had six angry bridesmaids staring at her furiously.

“Bitch, have you lost your fu—freaking mind?” Sex Piston waved her bouquet at her, causing flower petals to drop to the floor.

“I told Train I wanted to postpone this wedding.” Killyama blew a tendril of hair out of her eyes that Sex Piston had taken two hours to style.

“You told him this morning when you were getting ready to leave for the church,” Lily reminded her.

“You already cancelled it twice. Look at it as third time’s the charm.” Fat Louise’s chipper voice had her wanting to take off her garter and strangle her.

“I look at it this way … I said I’d marry him. I didn’t say when.” She clenched her jaw. “He suckered me into doing it. Kept telling me how beautiful I was every time I held one of you bitches babies.”

The door opened, tempting her to take off on a run. They couldn’t have all the doors covered. Most of the people should be sitting in the pews by now.

“It’s time for us to take our places.”

Her mother’s watery eyes had her sighing. She was going to have to go through with it.

Her mother took her hand, giving her a tearful glance. “I’ve never been prouder of you, Rae. You look beautiful. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mama.”

Her pumping heart started racing as her friends filed out of the room.

As she went through the doorway, she took a sidelong look at the door Shade was standing in front of. He waved at her.

Turning the corner, she flipped him off before stopping where the wedding planner had directed her to.

When Hammer and Jonas each took one of her arms, she blinked back the tears that were brimming in her eyes.

Hammer didn’t look at her as the planner gave last minute instructions, telling her, “If I could have picked any man in this world for you, Jonas and I both would have picked Train. I served two tours with him and worked with him on countless missions. Train doesn’t know when to quit, and even if he thought it would cost him his life, he wouldn’t leave anyone behind. He’s not your father. Train is the hero you’ve always needed in your life.”

She squeezed their arms tightly, hearing the wedding march begin to play. “I’ve always had two heroes in my corner.” Reaching up, she kissed Hammer on his cheek. “I love you, Hammer.” Then, turning to Jonas, she kissed him on his cheek, too. “I love you, Jonas.”

She smiled when they reached into their pockets for their handkerchiefs.

“Come on; quit be sissies. It’s our turn.”

Train fidgeted with his tie as he waited for Killyama to come through the church entrance. His fears wouldn’t be at rest until he saw her. Getting her here had taken patience … a lot of patience, and determination, humor, empathy, and love. Not only from him, but from all of The Last Riders. They were his family and had helped convince the woman he loved that he was worthy of risking her heart for.

When he finally saw her, he watched as Killyama’s hesitation left her face with every step she took to him. Then she stopped at the end of the aisle with Hammer and Jonas by her side.

“Who gives this woman in matrimony?” Lucky’s clear voice could be heard throughout the packed church.

“We do,” Hammer and Jonas both answered. Then Hammer turned toward Killyama and lifted her veil before kissing her cheek. Turning, she then let Jonas kiss her other cheek.

Train held his hand out for them to place her hand in his. Then he shook their hands before turning to Killyama.

She mumbled something he couldn’t hear as they moved to face Lucky.

“What did you say?” Train’s heart had stopped beating, panicked that she was going to tell him she couldn’t go through with the wedding.

“I said,” she whispered slightly louder, “I love you.”