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Train's Clash(4)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

Unable to bite back the hateful words spilling out of her mouth, she caustically replied, “I agree, especially not one from you. From what I remember, a ride from you wasn’t that great.”

Red stole up from the neck of his T-shirt.

Sex Piston had a soft spot for the wives of The Last Riders. Many of them had become friends. Her best friend was just grateful that everyone had lived. However, sentiment didn’t figure into Killyama’s conscience when she needed to keep someone away from her. If she had to portray herself as a self-serving bitch in front of Train, so be it. It was better than him realizing the truth.

Bikers were notorious for living a free and easy lifestyle, yet The Last Riders took that lifestyle to new heights. The Destructors might screw the same women, but at least they fucked behind closed doors and didn’t put on a show for everyone else to see. You couldn’t say the same for The Last Riders, which was one of the reasons Killyama kept her guard up around him.

Lucky raised an eyebrow. “Is there someone else you would rather ride with?”

“Hell no. I bought my own bike. You can go back and tell Viper that when I decide what The Last Riders owe me, he’ll be the first to know. Shade didn’t have a problem calling in the IOU for getting Fat Louise out of Mexico, did he?”

Killyama felt Train’s stare boring a hole through her. Thank God Sex Piston had talked Killyama into letting her fix her hair. The thought of Train seeing her hair filled with blood and matted against her head had the feminine side of her cringing. She fought hard to repress that side of her, but every now and then, it slipped out where he was concerned.

“No, he didn’t.” Lucky didn’t let the sparks that were flying back and forth between her and Train faze him.

Killyama wanted Train gone, because whatever pain medicine they had given her was wearing off. However, neither man made a move to leave.

“Anything else?”

“Train, give me a minute.”

Train didn’t move from his position against the wall until Lucky turned to give him a look that Killyama couldn’t see. When he straightened from his relaxed stance, she kept her eyes glued to Lucky, not wanting her expression to give her away.

Train was like a magnet that kept pulling her toward him, despite her mind telling her that she just needed to get laid. He lived in Treepoint, and she lived in Jamestown. They didn’t run into each other that often, unless Sex Piston talked her into going to their town, so it would be a while before she would see him again.

When the door didn’t open, Killyama lifted her eyes to meet his. He made sure she saw the ominous look promising retribution before he opened the door to leave.

After the door shut quietly behind him, Lucky gave his own warning. “Don’t let Train fool you. He’s not going to keep taking the disrespect you keep throwing at him.”

“Train wants my respect, then he has to earn it. Just because I fuck a man once doesn’t mean he’s automatically getting it. He knows exactly what I think about him. If he has a problem with that, he can take it up with me. I don’t need you or anyone else playing interference.”

Lucky lost his affable expression. “I bet you played with matches when you were a kid.”

“I still do. Train’s the one you should be warning. I keep a fire extinguisher if I need it.” If Train ever tried to lay a hand on her, he would find a forty-five shoved up his ass.

“I’ll pass that on to him.” Lucky nodded to the women raptly watching the exchange. “I better get going. I don’t want to tire you out.” More like she was tiring him out.

She lost her bitchy attitude when Lucky moved to the side of her bed, placing his hand on the arm that was covered in bandages and hanging in a sling.

“Thank you, from all of The Last Riders. May God bless you for being there when Winter and the baby needed you.”

Killyama remained silent as Lucky prayed for her recovery and then left them when he finished with the somber reality that a child was still fighting for her life.

“I feel so bad for Winter and the baby.” Fat Louise’s lip trembled.

“We all do. I only wish I had been the one to put the bullet in Raul.”

“Jackal may have pulled the trigger, but you made it possible.” Crazy Bitch sat down on the bottom of her bed. “I nearly pissed myself from laughing when Sex Piston told us about you swatting the gun toward Jackal with your flip-flop.”

“Best dollar and ninety-nine cents I ever spent.” Killyama laughed with her friends.

“You’re really going to ask them for payback?” T.A.’s question had the laughter coming to a sudden stop.