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Train's Clash(5)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

“Do I look stupid? It’s not every day that I can have The Last Riders at my beck and call.”

Fat Louise shook her head, giving her a reproachful look. “That’s not why you saved her.”

Fat Louise had always been the softest-hearted in their crew who had formed a bond during high school. However, her marriage and the birth of her now three-month old son had turned her into a tender-hearted sap.

“No, I did it to save Sex Piston and my own life. Winter was just a bonus.”

“Bullshit.” Sex Piston pinned her with a steely gaze. “I saw you jumping Raul, blocking Winter with your own body. You were ready to martyr yourself to save her, just like when you saved me from those six bitches who jumped me on the school bus.”

Killyama picked up the television remote, turning up the volume, and Sex Piston took it away from her, turning it off.

“You want to hold it over Train’s head, don’t you? When are you going to get over him? He damn sure isn’t pining over you.”

“No, he isn’t.” Killyama dropped her lashes, shielding her eyes. Damn, she felt like crap, and Sex Piston telling her what she already knew didn’t help.

Her probing gaze had Killyama trying to sidetrack her friend. “Don’t think I forgot you didn’t run when I told you to.”

“We made a pact in high school to always be there when we need each other. I wasn’t leaving you alone.”

“The fierce five are still standing strong, aren’t we?” Killyama reached out, and Sex Piston took her hand, linking her other hand to Fat Louise’s, who reached for Crazy Bitch’s, who turned to T.A., who got off the bed to take her hand. “Bitches rule. Boys drool.” Killyama spoke the silly chant they promised to keep. “From fat to slim, from bad hair days and bad tatts, we swear never to steal each other’s boyfriends, or never talk about each other behind our backs—”

“I might have broken that one,” Sex Piston interrupted.

Killyama saw Crazy Bitch elbow her without releasing her hand.

“Or stop driving the green cherry breaker we all lost our virginity in—”

“Didn’t Sex Piston lie about that one? Ouch!” Fat Louise complained when T.A pinched her with her free hand.

“Despite husbands with big bikes and bratty kids, we’ll be friends, side by side to the end of fucking time.”

“Technically, Sex Piston moved away,” Crazy Bitch reminded them.

“Bitch, cut me some slack. I drive to town every day just to be with you all.” Sex Piston tried to drop her hands, but they didn’t let her.

“Um … You never said … Just how big is Stud’s bike?” T.A. sniggered. “How do we know you didn’t break that rule, too?”

“I told you about Cade. You all didn’t stop hounding me about the bitch’s code until I did,” Fat Louise voiced.

Killyama fought sleep to hear Sex Piston’s answer.

“Shut up. Stud didn’t get his nickname by driving a moped.”


When Train heard footsteps coming down the hall, his hand instinctively tightened in Sasha’s hair as she sucked on his cock. Even though he knew it was one of the brothers heading toward their room, the sound of heavy footfalls always brought back memories from his childhood that were better left forgotten. He had learned before entering the military that evil uses darkness to strike their unwary victims.

He could tell from the footfalls that it was Rider, and when he heard the door across the hall from his open yet not close, he loosened his hold, letting Sasha slide his dick farther down her tight throat.

“What’s wrong?” Jewell lifted her head from the mattress, tightening her thighs over his shoulder as she pulled him back down to her glistening pussy.

“Nothing.” Train lowered his mouth, obeying her silent demand. Pressing his lips on the eager pussy, he created a suction around Jewell’s opening that had both of her thighs gripping his shoulders even tighter.

“Damn … that feels so damn good,” she said on a moan, twisting the covers.

Train didn’t break the hold he had created. Using his tongue, he delved between the lips of her pussy, exploring her as if he had never tasted her before. He could feel her thighs shaking as he built her toward an orgasm.

“More …”

Train lifted his head, leaving her pussy with a swipe of his tongue across her clit. “I can’t give you more unless Sasha is willing to give up my dick.”

Sasha shook her head, unable to talk with his dick in her mouth.

Train moved his hips to give her more, burying his cock to the root. Then he reached out, touching her throat where he could see the outline of his cock.