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Train's Clash(7)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

They were all going to be tired as fuck in the morning after the night’s excessiveness. Him and Jewell were used to working with little to no sleep, but Sasha was going to be miserable when he had to drag her ass out of bed in the morning.

Moving Sasha’s hand away to fix another condom on his dick, he then pulled her underneath him without releasing Jewell’s breast. Train slid his dick into her slippery pussy, thrusting hard enough that both women bounced on the bed. He had deliberately worked her desire high enough that she could take him in her tight cunt.

“You okay?” Train watched the myriad of expressions cross her face as he fucked her while moving his hand down to Jewell’s pussy.

“Oh … yes!”

Train fucked her, never losing the control that had Sasha screaming out her orgasm in the lighted bedroom. Then, when he would have moved off her, Sasha’s grip around his waist tightened.

Train stiffened. “Let go.”

He didn’t miss the fleeting, mutinous expression she tried to hide. Sasha might not know it yet, but it would be the last time she was invited to share his bed.

Twisting his hips to the side, he removed the condom, tossing it into the trashcan next to his bed before taking another off his nightstand.

“Get on your knees, Jewell.”

The woman eagerly got into position, turning her ass up toward him. Jewell was a constant bed partner of his, so he didn’t have to exercise the same control he had to with Sasha.

He rode her long and hard with Sasha watching. He didn’t touch her again, when usually, Train made sure all participants received their own portion of attentiveness. However, she had broken his cardinal rule by letting her possessiveness show.

It was the reason he had joined The Last Riders—the women had to share them. Anyone unable to follow that rule wasn’t made a member. It was a rule that kept everyone happy. It took the jealously out of the relationships they shared, not only from the women, but with the men as well. They were all on equal footing, which kept the men from the fights that plagued other MCs.

The men who belonged to The Last Riders were dangerous and deadly. Most, if not all, had served in the military and had firsthand experience of losing friends in the heat of anger.

Feeling Jewell coming on his dick, Train allowed himself to orgasm, relaxing his control long enough to enjoy the sensations coursing through his body.

Jewell dropped down to the mattress. “I can’t move.”

Train slid out of bed, giving her an affectionate pat on her ass. “Go to sleep. I’ll wake you in time to get ready for work.” Then, naked, he went out into the hallway to the bathroom next door to his room.

Most of the bedrooms had bathrooms; his didn’t. Viper had offered him the bedroom that used to be his before he had built his own house on the opposite side of the factory, but Train had refused. He was content in his small room, just as he was about being a soldier in the club.

Rider’s door was open, so Train casually looked inside, seeing him fucking Stori. He didn’t interrupt, ignoring the silent invitation that the open door meant.

When any of the brothers wanted privacy, they kept their doors closed. An open door indicted that, if anyone wanted to participate, all they had to do was go inside. Whoever’s room it was would tell them just how far they would be allowed to play. Some of the brothers liked to put on a show, while others had a no holds barred, figuratively.

As Train showered, he adjusted the height of the nozzle so his hair wouldn’t get wet. He washed every inch of his body, the sexual satisfaction already disappearing, leaving the ache of longing that was never far away to return.

His dark eyes stared back him in mirror as he shaved after showering. Sasha and Jewell weren’t going to be the only ones who were going to be tired in the morning. In fact, the weariness in his soul was becoming visible more and more as each day passed.

He wasn’t a kid anymore. The late nights and fuck fests were beginning to take a toll on him. The pussy and the pot might keep his memories at bay, but they came back as soon as the party was over.

When he left the bathroom, he saw that Stori was already asleep on Rider’s bed, and Crash and Rider were sitting on the floor in front of the television set, playing video games.


He stopped before entering his own door at Crash’s call, moving toward Rider’s door. “Yeah?”

“I found the info you wanted. It’s on Rider’s desk.”

Train moved from Rider’s doorway, going to his desk. He picked up the plain folder sitting on top. “Why didn’t you just email it to me?”

Crash laughed. “Emails can be hacked.”

Crash was a hacker with a gift. There wasn’t a computer he couldn’t get into. It might take time, but he would find some way to breach the defenses. The harder the job, the more he took it as a challenge.