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Train's Clash(9)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

Train clenched his jaw. “Are you saying I sabotaged myself?”

“I’m saying, don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose.”

“I was already drunk when you threw it in the pot,” Train reminded him. “I was the one who was sabotaged.”

“Looks like you’re going to have to get that woman the old-fashioned way.”

“How? She won’t talk to me.”

“I don’t know. That’s your problem to deal with. I caught my woman.”

“Not without some help. Who was the one who helped Rider carry that fucking big tub into your new house?”

“Brother, I didn’t say I wasn’t grateful. I don’t know why you’re bitching at me. I’m not the one cock-blocking you.”

Viper was right. Train had fought wars that were easier than trying to seduce Killyama into his bed. She had been the one to walk away from the brief sexual encounter without a mark. He swore, if he thought hard enough, he could still feel her lips on his neck as she told him to fuck her harder.

His hand shook as he held the phone. He had to have her again. This time, in his bed. Whether it was just the two of them or others, he would leave that up to her to decide, but he had to get her there first.

“Shade says I’m wasting my time.”

“Maybe you are. It’s not like you don’t have enough pussy to keep you busy.”

“I want her.” Train wasn’t afraid to admit he had a fascination for the woman. He just wanted her on his own terms.

“I don’t know what to tell you. Have you thought about asking Shade for his advice? They seemed to have gotten along when she paid off her debt.”

“Son of bitch didn’t even tell us that Killyama is a bounty hunter, and I know he knew. He kept telling me she could kick my ass. I should have known he wasn’t joking around. The fucker doesn’t have a funny bone in his body.”

“Raul didn’t know what he stepped into when he decided to attack Aunt Shay’s house. Crash sent a couple of Killyama’s arrest records; Raul didn’t stand a chance against her. Killyama is used to trapping deadly felons.”

“I read them.” Train began massaging his temples. He was getting a headache just thinking about the reports he had read.

“You should still ask Shade. But I’m going to give you a piece of my own advice … From one brother to another, watch your balls.”


“Wait … Killyama!” Jonas swung his arm out, blocking her from following the bail jumper down the dark alleyway.

Killyama skidded to a stop. “He’ll get away!”

“He’s not going anywhere. Hammer is moving the car to head him off. He’s already called the cops. Let them flush Crawford out.”

Damn, Killyama knew Jonas was right, but she had been looking forward to taking Crawford down. The scared pussy was determined not to go back to jail.

She saw the blue lights nearing them as they waited at the front of the alley. Putting her Glock into the holster at her hip, she pulled out the required paperwork she would have to show to the officer responding to Hammer’s call.

Holding her hands up in the air when she saw two cops getting out of their car, she told them, “I’m Rae Stokes with No Escape Bail Bonds. I have an armed jumper who ran down the alley. I have another bondsman blocking the end.”

The two police officers cautiously entered the alleyway, followed by others who had just arrived, while one stayed behind to check out her paperwork and their identifications.

Killyama bit back her irritation. She had wanted to be the one to flush Crawford out and have the pleasure of handcuffing him.

The officer had just handed back her paperwork when the other officers came out of the alley with Crawford, whose cooperation disappeared when he saw her.

Trying to struggle out of their restraining hold, he snapped, “Fucking bitch!”

“I’m the bitch? I paid fifty thousand to bail your sorry ass out of jail.” Her professionalism slipped a notch at his foul language. If she didn’t have so many eyes on her, she would punch his fucking lights out.

Jonas moved in front of her so Crawford wasn’t near her as he was loaded into the squad car, telling her, “Hammer is here with the car.” He then nodded toward the SUV parked on the street behind her.

Killyama angrily spun on her boots. “I don’t need anyone trying to protect me from the jumpers.”

“I wasn’t protecting you. I was protecting him.” He strode next to her, his long legs easily beating her to the vehicle.

Killyama opened the car door and jumped inside. It had been a long day of pursuing Crawford, and it wasn’t over yet. In fact, it was after midnight before she left the jail where the jumper had been booked in. When the paperwork was done, she called dibs on the backseat, stretching out her legs to relax.