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Unbound (Forbidden Bond Book 1)(7)

By:Cat Miller

The next morning, the girls slept in until noon. It felt so good to rest  on a Saturday, just like at home. Dani woke to the sound of her cell  phone chirping. It was a text from Lucas.

"I miss you, Dani," it said.

She missed him so much. It had been almost a week since he'd kissed her  good-bye and left her standing on the sidewalk in front of her home. She  texted him back, "I miss you so much."

He immediately replied, "I'm going to work. I'll call you later. XOXO"

After a shower, she went to the library to get the work done that she  hadn't finished the night before during social hour. It was quiet and  oodles of people were actually working in small groups and individually.  She didn't want to worry about homework the next day after staying out  late. Dani was a little nervous about the evening's outing. She'd never  been to a club and had nothing to wear, but all those thoughts could  wait, because for the moment she needed to focus on her schoolwork.

A couple of hours later, she started to doze off but woke when someone  pulled out the chair on the other side of the table. She opened her eyes  to find Lucas gazing down at her. Dani's mouth fell open. The library  was empty. The only light was from a few scattered desk lamps. How long  had she been sleeping? Without saying a word, Lucas came around to her  side of the table and easily lifted her onto the table. He stepped  forward to stand between her thighs. His eyes smoldered as he cupped the  back of her head and took her mouth hungrily. His lips were strong, and  his tongue delicious sliding against hers. He began alternately kissing  and biting her jawline down to her neck while simultaneously  unbuttoning her shirt and slowly pushing it down her arms. His breath on  her neck made gooseflesh rise and had her eyes closing with pleasure.  It was way better than waiting for her next trip home.

Lucas whispered against her ear, "Now, baby. I want you, now." He stepped back.

She watched him rip his shirt off, and the sight of his perfect six-pack  and lean hips caused her to shudder. Now was good, and she was ready to  move before he changed his mind, but he was already pushing her back to  undo the snap of her jeans and slide down the zipper.

Lucas pulled off her jeans by inches, staring at her body with a wicked  grin on his kiss-swollen lips. He unbuttoned his pants, climbed up on  the table, and pulled her around to straddle his lap.

She wrapped her legs around him. One hot hand burned the skin of her  thigh, while the other traveled up her body to caress her breasts,  causing them to peak and ache in anticipation of an unknown pleasure.  Her breath came in ragged pants as she began to nibble down his neck and  prayed he wouldn't make her stop.         



As he slid farther back onto the table, Dani leaned over him, continuing  on her path down his neck, until he was on his back in the center of  the long, wooden table. She could feel his pulse with her whole body,  and it pulled her into him. She needed him, all of him. He tugged at her  panties while she licked at the delicious skin above the pulse at his  throat. She needed to taste that steady thud with her tongue and feel it  running down her throat. Dani rubbed herself against his denim-clad  erection. The contrast of her bare thighs against the stiff fabric  brought another unexpected layer of sensation to her overly sensitive  skin.

"Damn, that hurt, baby." Lucas took a sharp breath and tightened his grip on her hips with a whimper.

Dani's head jerked up, but she was no longer looking down at Lucas. She  was peering back up at herself through Lucas's eyes. Her irises were  black as midnight, and blood ran down her chin from red-stained lips.  What had she done to him? Blood trickled down his neck in two small  streams. The look of hurt and betrayal on his sweet face singed her.

Then, she woke up with her face stuck to a book. The library was still  full of students, who glared at her when she jumped up and her chair  tipped over, crashing to the floor and shattering the silence.

Olivia was in her closet tossing clothes over her head and onto the bed  when Dani reached the dorm. Olivia mumbled in agitation under her  breath.

Dani watched a few minutes before interrupting her. "What are you doing in there?"

"I was in your closet already. You don't have anything to wear that will  do for a night out. So, I'm trying to find you something of mine to  wear. But you're bustier than me. I'll be right back. Maybe Lindsay has  something that will fit you," she called over her shoulder on the way  out the door.

Dani knew she didn't have anything to wear out. Everything she owned  said "comfy night in the dorm" not "paint the town red." She was digging  for shoes when someone knocked on the door. To her surprise there was a  deliveryman in the hall. He held an electronic clipboard, and a big box  sat at his feet.

"Delivery for Danielle Vaughn," he said and held out the stylus pen. She  signed and thanked the man, who nodded and promptly jogged off down the  hall. Dani dragged the box in and opened it. Inside she found shopping  bags of clothes from several trendy stores and a note from her mom.

I thought a few new things would brighten your day. I love you. Mommy

She smiled broadly to herself. These clothes were just what she needed.  She grabbed her cell and speed-dialed home. He mother answered on the  first ring. "Hey there, baby girl."

"Thanks for the clothes, Mom. They did indeed brighten my day." Her mom was so good to her.

"They had some great sales at the mall. I seemed to have gone a little  overboard. I hope you don't mind." Dani could hear the smile in her  mother's voice. She had this odd way of knowing when Dani would need  help. She always knew when Dani missed the bus home from school as a kid  and would be there waiting to pick her up. Her mom always knew when she  was getting sick and never failed to be ready with the appropriate  remedy. She always knew when Dani was sad, no matter how hard Dani tried  to hide it. Dani knew it had something to do with her mother's dreams  that were more like premonitions. So she shouldn't have been surprised  when the clothes she wanted showed up right on time.

"I miss you, Mom. Thank you so much, for everything you do for me."

There was a pause before her mom answered. "You know I love you, and  there isn't anything we can't get through together? I realize at your  age you aren't always going to want me in your business, but I hope  you'll confide in me anyway. If you needed help, I could get it. No  matter how out of the ordinary the problem may be, I can help you,  baby."

Dani was a little frightened by this serious change in conversation. She  wondered what kind of dream had brought this about, but she knew better  than to ask. She didn't really know what to say in return.

"I have to go. I'm glad you liked the clothes. Be careful and stay with  your friends if you're going out. There's safety in numbers," her mom  advised.

"Okay, I will. Thanks again for the clothes. I love you."

Olivia arrived then to help her paw through her new duds and get them  hung in the closet, leaving out an outfit for Dani to wear to the club.  "Your mom has great taste. Mine would never have gotten me clothes like  these."

Danielle agreed with Olivia. Her mom had sent some very stylish clothes  that would nicely mix and match. Olivia had picked out a pair of dark,  low-cut skinny jeans, a tight, cream-colored sweater that hung off the  shoulders, and a pair of black, high-heeled, leather boots.         



The girls took turns showering and primping to get their hair and makeup  just right. Dani was beginning to get excited about the outing. There  was one last thing to do before they'd be ready to go. She had to call  Lucas and hope her going out wouldn't upset him. She wasn't going to lie  about it, so she dialed his number and was a little surprised to hear  loud music and laughter in the background when he answered.

"Hey, babe, are you there? Can you hear me?" he yelled over the music.

"I'm here. Where are you? It's really loud," Dani shouted back, hoping he could hear.

"I'm at this club in town with some guys from school."

"That sounds like fun-" she tried to answer, but he cut her off.

"I can't hear you!" he shouted louder. "Call me tomorrow, okay? Are you  still there?" She supposed he couldn't hear her reply, because the phone  disconnected.

He wouldn't have a problem with her going out if he was going to do it,  and without the courtesy of talking to her about it first. She had been  worried for nothing. They both had to learn to move in their separate  circles. Maybe he could ride up one weekend and they could go out  together.

There was a knock at the door. "Are you girls ready?" Lindsay opened the  door. "The guys are waiting downstairs. Jared is going to drive the  four of us, and the others are riding with Steve." She chattered on in  her usual cheerful way. "You guys are hot. Damn, I gotta go change this  shirt." Lindsay cursed, giving Olivia and Dani an appraising look before  turning on her heel to go revamp her outfit.