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Unbound (Forbidden Bond Book 1)(87)

By:Cat Miller

"Soleil, I am already bonded to you, and you to me. I realize that we  are taking a risk, but I believe things will be fine now that you are  fully a vampire. We have no history that refers to a human-vamp hybrid  and the bonding ritual, but you don't have any of that tasty human blood  left to interfere." Chase was quiet for a time, while she fretfully  eyed him.

"My dad told me the story about Griffin and his first mate before I knew  about Tessa and you. He told me some kinds of love could never be  washed away. He said he knew the two of us weren't bonded, but the  connection you feel with me is as strong as any bond he'd ever  witnessed. He said Griffin and Tessa were already madly in love when  they bonded. The bond gave them a mental connection that you and I  already share, but it didn't force them to love each other. It was the  best kind of bond, one done out of love instead of obligation or as a  means to end suffering. That is what I am asking you for, Lovely. I want  the best kind of bond. I want you to bond to me out of love. Just as  you would marry me if I were human and blood bonds didn't exist for us.  Can you give me that gift? Will you be my mate as well as my bride?"

Dani smiled through the tears of joy. "I would give you anything to make  you happy and keep you with me, Chase, anything." She was so relieved  to understand his point of view. She knew for sure he didn't care how  the bonding turned out. She wouldn't question him again.

Dani left their home that evening to go stay with Mason and a very  pregnant Debbie because it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride  before the ceremony on the day of the wedding. Of course that was a  human superstition, but Chase was humoring all of her customs. Danielle  couldn't wait to stand beside him at the altar and truly become his  bride.

It was to be an evening ceremony. The celebration afterward would be  held outside under a huge sheer tent. The weather would be perfect, with  no clouds in sight. His Lovely wanted a candlelight reception, so the  stars could be seen through the sheer tent. He wanted everything to be  perfect, so he spent most of the day overseeing the last-minute setup,  making sure every detail was met to her specifications. It was clearly  love when a guy willingly spent an afternoon discussing floral  centerpieces and seating charts.         



Finally, the time had come. Chase walked to the front of the chapel to  await his Lovely's arrival. The music started, and the doors at the rear  of the chapel closed. Chase noticed an envelope addressed to him on the  step below him. Thinking it might have been from Soleil, he quickly  bent to pick it up.

It wasn't from his bride, and the contents made his blood run cold. It was from Darren:


She is my mate. If I can't have her, no one will. Our old friend was  very interested to know Danielle was changed and that she retained her  human gifts. Without all that pesky human blood to block him, I don't  imagine it will take him long to catch up with her. She should be a  tasty treat when he drains her for real this time. You should watch your  back, because I am.

Darren, your bride's true mate

 Chase tried to pull himself together. Rage at the threat spread  through him. Darren would have to be dealt with permanently. It wouldn't  be the first time Chase had taken a life to defend the female he loved  more than anyone or anything. He took a few deep breaths, attempting to  recapture the warm glow of joy and anticipation.

The doors in the rear of the chapel opened to admit Soleil, and that was  all it took to wash away his anger. He would deal with the threat  later. It was a time for celebration.

His Lovely was breathtaking in a white Grecian gown. Her mahogany,  white, and red hair spilled all around her. She looked at him with such  love and adoration.

He reflected those raw emotions right back to her. His one true mate  would share his bed and his blood that night. They would be one. He  would cherish her love and protect her to her last breath.

She entered the chapel and started the slow walk down the long aisle  between them. Chase held himself steady, watching her move toward him  with love shining in her beautiful eyes. Then he could wait no longer.  He walked down the aisle and met her halfway. She laughed and wrapped  her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. Like they were the  only two people in the room, they vowed their lives to each other,  pouring all of their love into their private connection and sealing it  with a kiss.

Chase lost himself in Danielle and her sweetness for a moment. Someone  loudly cleared his throat and reminded Chase of his surroundings. Chase  lifted his head and looked around at the sea of smiling faces. Their  guests began to applaud the eager show of affection between them.  Danielle blushed and took Chase's hand. Together they walked down the  aisle toward the altar to exchange blood and say the sacred vows. Hand  in hand, they would walk forever.