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Full Moon Kisses:A Full Moon Novel

By:Ellen Schreiber

Full Moon Kisses:A Full Moon Novel
Ellen Schreiber


haunted moon

The full moon glowed brightly above me and Brandon, the handsome werewolf I'd fallen in love with, as we stood cuddling, surrounded by a friendly pack of wolves, deep within the wooded area behind his grandparents' home in Legend's Run. I could taste Brandon's lips on mine and feel his powerful strength as he enveloped me in his embrace. His woodsy scent was intoxicating, and his wild, dark hair seduced me like a rock star's. I didn't want our evening together to end, but, unfortunately, I knew it had to. Brandon and I couldn't spend the rest of our lives in the woods away from our families and friends. Or could we?
I had more on my plate than I could handle. I was in love with a lycan, and my former boyfriend, Nash, was now one, too.
"What do you think will happen?" I asked Brandon as I looked up at him. "Now that Nash knows that he's a werewolf, what will he do? What will we do?"
Two months ago, Nash had been bitten by a wolf and subsequently, under the full moon, had become a lycan. And just like Brandon, he didn't remember his actions while he was transformed. But unlike Brandon, Nash was aggressive when he turned, and he'd become a threat to me, the town, and himself. I'd discovered that kissing Brandon when he was a werewolf caused him to become aware of his lycan state so that he remembered his actions in his daylight, human hours. And it was important for me and for the sake of others that Nash remember what he was doing-as he was doing it. Also, he was tormented not knowing what was happening to him. I wanted to help him, for his sake as well as mine. The kiss under the full moon was the only remedy, so a few hours ago I'd kissed Nash when he had turned into a werewolf.
Nash was popular and very attractive, and he and I'd been going together on and off before I met Brandon-but something had always been missing between us. And now, of course, I was completely in love with Brandon-in his normal, human form and in his werewolf state.
Hair poked out from the top of Brandon's open shirt, and my fingers caressed the top of his normally smooth chest.
"We can't predict everything-nor can we control it," he said, his voice strong. He brushed his hand against my cheek. "We can only control what we do. And that is continue to be together, even under these strange circumstances." Brandon's hair, which hung savagely wild a few inches above his shoulders, flopped over his gray eyes. He drew me into him again with a powerful and reassuring hug. His chest was warm and rugged. I knew he could crush me with his strength, but he was as gentle as he was strong.
I loved Brandon's confidence; I was drawn to that as much as I was to his gorgeous human and now lycan features.
"Could we just stay here forever?" I asked, dreaming.
His wolf fangs poked out from his smile and caught the moonlight. It was as if he was really contemplating his life in werewolf form.
"Do you like being a werewolf?" I pressed.
Brandon didn't respond.
I thought about my feelings regarding his being a werewolf. My life had always been predictable: the same friends, the same school, the same house. But now that I was in love with a werewolf, I didn't know what was happening day to day. On normal days, I had the positive things like my classes, friends, and this new love to juggle. But the addition of Nash and Brandon and their lycan condition made everything that was perfect turn into chaos. I had to admit there was some excitement in not knowing what to expect. It brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed; a spontaneous and adventurous girl was emerging as I experienced things I never had before-walking with wolves in the woods at nightfall, moonlight picnics, kissing werewolves.
I wanted everyone to be happy and to get along, but I wasn't sure how anything could be normal. Now that there were two werewolves in town, I didn't know how any of it would work out. And I wasn't sure that I wanted it to. Brandon had this abnormal condition that he had to deal with every full moon. At those times, he was extraordinary, handsome, and powerful. I couldn't help but see positives of his being a werewolf-it made him stronger and even more heroic.
But for Brandon, it had to be difficult. I could see how awaiting his change, and then transforming, tormented him. It wasn't something that he could control, and it made him different, more so than just being a Westsider among the popular Eastsiders. If people knew about his condition and didn't think it was a joke like they had at the spring dance, it could be life threatening for him. It was unusual, to say the least, and no one would want a werewolf running around their town. But when he was a werewolf there were moments, like now, when he seemed at peace, even seemed to thrive. When we were deep in the woods experiencing nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, with untamed wolves nipping at his heels, he seemed very contented. Just as I found positives when he was in his superhuman form, I wondered if he did as well.
Brandon still didn't respond, and his bright mood seemed to change. "We'd better go," he said. "It is getting late."
After tonight the moon would wane and I'd have to wait another month until I saw Brandon in this lycan form again. Neither one of us wanted to let the evening end, me holding on to my werewolf for the moments I was able to see him in this form-and though he didn't say it, I sensed he enjoyed getting to explore a more powerful side of himself and to experience nature without the fear that a human might. But the clouds began to join together, covering our unobstructed view of the moon. It was as if the evening sky were telling us, too, that our night together was over, and we'd soon have to face the weeks ahead waiting for the next full moon.
The next day, I met my best friends, Ivy and Abby, at our local coffee shop. We liked to get together to discuss the latest gossip and upcoming events, and the friendly, cozy café offered our favorite drinks and an intimate space to chat. Our coffee hangout had local artists' pictures showcased on the walls, several bean-bag chairs to hang out in, and even stacks of board games and books for patrons to use while they enjoyed yummy caffeinated beverages. Even though I would have loved to get out a game and challenge Ivy and Abby, we always managed to drink and gab our time away and forget about the games. Cool, hip jazz music played as the barista took our orders. It was warm outside and I wasn't in the mood for something hot, so I chose an iced coffee, and we sat at our usual table.
"Isn't it great we all have found true love now?" Abby said.
"Yes, it is," Ivy agreed, "only I wish you would have told us about Brandon sooner." She looked at me with a little bit of hurt in her eyes.
It was going to be a little while before I would live down not telling them about my romantic relationship with Brandon.
"So we still have a happy sixsome-just a different one than we imagined," Abby said to Ivy.
"Yes," Ivy agreed. "Just as long as you are happy," she said, turning her attention to me. "And you are, aren't you?"
I nodded enthusiastically.
"Then it's settled," Abby said. "We'll have boyfriends for all events and dances for the rest of high school."
"Then it's off to college," Ivy said, grinning.
I returned the smile, but inside I was uncertain that the world they imagined was as easy as the one I would be living in. My friends had their whole lives planned out. Since I'd met Brandon and he became a werewolf, I considered us lucky to get through each day. I fantasized about my future together with Brandon, but college? I hadn't thought that far ahead. He and I had so much to figure out before then, which was mostly what to do about his lycan condition.
"Well, we still have time," I said, thinking.
"Not much," Ivy said, cupping her coffee mug with her hands. "We have to start planning these things well in advance. College is so hard to get into. We can't wait until the last minute."
"She's right," Abby chimed in.
"Have you even talked to Brandon about it?" Ivy asked.
"Uh … no," I admitted.
"She's too busy kissing him," Abby said, laughing.
But Ivy turned serious. "It's something you should be talking about," she said in a voice that was similar to "mother-speak." "We need to get all our ducks in a row," she continued.
I had so much to worry about-like Brandon and Nash being werewolves-how could I take on our future plans for college now, too?
"Uh … do you think Brandon can afford college?" Ivy asked me gingerly.
I was taken aback by her question. "Why wouldn't he?" I wondered.
"Uh … it's just that he's … "
"A Westsider?" I asked.
"I didn't mean … " she said sheepishly.
Abby rolled her eyes at Ivy.
"I don't see why he couldn't go," I said defensively. "Just because he lives on the other side of town means he doesn't have money?"
"I didn't mean to … I was just concerned," Ivy said. "That's all."
"Dylan and I are hoping to get athletic scholarships," Abby said, diverting the topic back to her as she added some sweetener to her drink. "But we have to promise that we all are going to the same university."
"Duh," Ivy said. She lifted her drink for a toast. Abby held up her latte, and I slowly raised mine.
I reluctantly clinked cups with them.
If only life were that easy, I thought.
I couldn't even begin to contemplate going away to college right now. I was thinking about full moons, transformations, and distant howling in the night. How could Brandon go to college as a werewolf? It was hard enough going to high school and dealing with its assorted complications. And even with its issues, high school didn't have night classes or dorm living to deal with. Those would be new challenges he'd have to deal with in a university setting.