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By´╝ÜClarissa Wild

Chapter 1


Two headlights target me as I stand on the corner of the street in my little racy red and black dress. I pose with one hand between my spread legs and my chest pushed forward like an actress in the spotlight. Except this isn’t a fucking movie and I’m not part of a script. This is my reality. My life as a whore.

I didn’t pick this life. It slammed into me as much as I plunged into it.

But what kind of choice does a girl have when the only means to get food on the table is to sell her body?

You do what you have to.

The car door opens, smoke rolls and drifts away into the air as a hand beckons me forward, so I follow it blindly. A smile appears on my face when I see a familiar face appear behind a set of vintage glasses.

“Babe, those moves gonna kill me one day,” Deangelo says.

“Don’t make me blush,” I say, raising a brow, but he knows I’m only kidding. I don’t fucking blush. I’m a whore, for crying out loud. But I’ll take the compliment. “Have another job for me?”

“Special one for you, baby.” He puts the car into reverse.

I throw myself on the seat and buckle up, grinning. I don’t smile because I’m happy, but because I know I’ll be able to afford to live for a few more days.

“Exciting,” I say with an over-the-top fake voice.

I grab the rearview mirror and pluck at my black hair, patting my bangs and making sure everything looks spunky.

“C’mon, girl, you know why you gotta do this,” Deangelo says as we drive through the city.

“Yeah, yeah, I don’t need your reminder.” I roll my eyes and look out the window.

“Don’t be mad at me for exploiting the situation. Besides, this one is good. Trust me.”

“Oh, yeah?” I turn my head. “How do you know?”

He shrugs. “Just got this vibe when he called. Sounded like a rich dude, so I checked with my bros, and they told me he’s been with every one of their girls.”

My eyes widen. “All of them?”

Deangelo glances at me from the corner of his eye. “All of them. But that ain’t the fucked-up part.”

“Oh Lord, here it comes,” I say, taking a deep breath.

“Get this … the guy actually doesn’t do anything with the girls.”

I frown, confused.

“He just wants them to strip and dance until he’s done his business.”

“Just dance? That’s it?” My lips part in shock.

“Yeah.” Deangelo smiles.

Dance. Strip. I’ve done them both plenty of times but never without the sex. Never.

This guy … my new client … he doesn’t want to fuck me? Doesn’t want me to do anything but dance and strip? What the hell?

“I don’t believe it,” I say, bursting into laughter. “You’re joking, right?”

“Nah, I swear, baby, it’s all truth. He just wants to look at you. And I don’t blame him … you’re something to look at.”

“And you’re sure he’s a real client?” I ask, ignoring his flirt.

“As real as it gets. Even got a check upfront.” He rummages in his pocket and takes out a stack of bills. “Cashed it this morning.”

“Holy shit,” I gasp.

He pulls one bill off the stack and stuffs it in my hand. “There’s more where that came from.” He winks.

“Aw, thanks, Deangelo, I appreciate it.” I press a kiss to his cheek.

To be grateful for someone who uses girls to earn money is as low as you can go, but when someone gives you money, you take it. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. End of story.

We drive all the way through the outer rim of the city and onto a far-off road I’ve never been on before. It takes such a long time to reach our destination that I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever reach it.

Sweat prickles along the back of my neck as I throw Deangelo a glance, curious as to where we’re going.

“Jesus, where does this dude live?” I ask, trying to break the ice.

“Some big-ass castle in the woods.”

“Big-ass castle? Now, I’m curious,” I muse.

“Hmm …” He grins at me. “Good, ‘cuz if you do this right, and I expect you to do this right”—he leans in and raises a brow—“he might just want you to come back for a second time. And you know, he hasn’t sent for a girl twice in a row, so you’ve got some work to do, babe.”

“Yeah, no pressure,” I say, swallowing back the lump in my throat.

Just who is this guy?

“Just do ya thang, babe.” He winks again. “I’ll come back later, ‘round twelve. Be here.”