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Warrant (Righteous Outlaws #1)

By:Savannah Rylan

Warrant (Righteous Outlaws #1)
Savannah Rylan

       A Righteous Outlaws MC novel


I fucking hated doctor's offices. Nothing but a bunch of sick people who  looked like shit. The place smelled like antiseptic and disease. I  shifted in my seat, waiting for my name to be called. I wasn't sick, but  I had to pretend to be in order to get business done.

A kid with a mop on his head, and drool spewing down his chin, walked  toward me, but his mother grabbed his arm and yanked him away from me,  using her body as a barrier between us. She looked at me in disgust, her  eyes lingering on the ink on my neck. Her lip curled, and I wondered  what disgusted her more: the wings going up both sides of my neck, or  the skeleton of the bird. Her gaze followed the curve of the wing up my  neck, and then her eyes met mine.

I wiggled my tongue at her as if her pussy was in front of me. I bet it  was sweet, too. She looked like an upper class bitch that spent all her  husband's money on keeping her pussy smooth and her skin tight.

She gasped, and scooped her kid up, before hurrying to the other side of  the waiting room. I laughed and kicked my boot up onto my knee,  drumming my fingers on the worn jeans.

The door opened, and a little piece of ass stepped out, holding the door  with her back. "Cash Logan?" she said, and I nodded. "Doctor Harrington  will see you now."

I stood up, pulling my cut back into place, and followed the piece of  ass into an exam room. She pointed to the table, and I sat my ass down,  as she went over to the blood pressure cuff. My eyes focused on her ass,  and I wondered what it looked like beneath the pink scrubs.

She turned and I lifted my head back up, pushing my hair out of my face  and smiled. "Work here long?" I asked, when really I wanted to ask her  to strip out of those scrubs and hop on my cock. I'd give her the ride  of her damn life.

"Next month will be a year," she said, as she wrapped the blood pressure  cuff around my arm. The door flew open and we both turned to see who it  was, though I knew before I even looked.

The doctor stepped in, with a death glare on me. He appeared calm and  reserved when speaking to the assistant, but I could see the fear hiding  in his eyes. The nervous shake in his hands as he took my chart and  pretended to review. He smiled at her, and took hold of the cuff pump.  "Kara, I have this. You can go to exam room three, and help Mrs.  Silverstein."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, you sure, doc?" I repeated with a cocky smile.

‘Yes," he said, but this time his cool, calm demeanor was unnerved.

"No problem, doctor," she said, and, she walked out. Harrington looked  both ways down the hallway before easing the door shut, obviously making  sure no one would hear our conversation.

I ripped the cuff from my arm, and stood up, lifting up a lid off of one of the canisters on the counter.

He snatched the lid out of my hand. "What the fuck are you doing here? I  told you not to show up during office hours," he snarled as he slammed  the lid back on the canister.

"We just need a few scripts to hold us over. Our shipment from Mexico  got stalled." Fucking Feds confiscated the entire fucking shipment, and  nailed our supplier. Prez was in the middle of securing a new one, but,  until then, we needed something to keep money coming in and to pacify  our clientele. It was fucking piss compared to what we were used to, but  it was better than nothing, and the good ole' doctor here owed us.

"That's not my fucking problem," he seethed through clenched teeth.

"Oh, but it is," I reminded him, and dragged my hand along the surface  of the counter. "We did a favor for you, so now you do a favor for us.  You know how this works, Doc."

"I already have." He stood tall in his faked confidence, and I found it  amusing. He was about as scary as a bunny in a dark alley. I bet he  didn't even know how to throw a punch or shoot a gun. Probably coddled  his whole life by his family and society. He really had no idea the shit  that he stepped in when he got involved with the Righteous Outlaws of  Black Hills.

I shrugged, and then plopped my ass back onto the table. "True." I  adjusted my cut, so the top of my Glock was visible. A silent reminder  that the Righteous Outlaws always got what they wanted. His confidence  waned as his eyes took in the custom skull grips. "But, too bad for you,  you made a deal with the devil."

Anger clouded his face. "Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?"

"Take it as you see fit."

Harrington came at me, finger pointing at my face. "Don't you come into my office and threaten me!"

I pushed his hand away as if it were a mere gnat. He's lucky I was in a  good mood today, or I would break every fucking finger on that goddamned  hand. Instead, I let it go. "See, I don't look at it as a threat. Just a  friendly reminder between allies."                       


"Don't!" he yelled then caught himself. He stepped back, tugging at the  collar of his shirt before smoothing a hand down the front buttons and  straightening his white coat. He leaned into me, the veins in his neck  straining and working overtime. "I'm not your ally and I never will be."  He grabbed the pad out of his coat pocket and thrust it at me. "Now,  get the fuck out and don't come back."

I took the prescription pad, and put it in my jeans pocket. "Pleasure  doing business with you, doc." I patted his shoulder, and his entire  body went stiff.

His eyes landed on my hand, and his lip curled back. "I said get out."

I held my hands up in front of me, and backed toward the door. I covered  my Glock before heading out of the exam room, and back into the waiting  room. The woman with the kid was still there, and I gave her a  suggestive wink as I passed.

She hugged her kid closer to her, placing her hand on his head and  quickly turning her back to me. She'd probably be boring as hell in bed  anyway. Girls like her were too vanilla for my blood. I liked them dirty  and willing.

Outside, I got on my bike and checked my phone. One missed call. I  checked my voicemail and listened as Phil, one of the original club  members, gave an address of a drop off. When the fuck did I become the  bitch?

I didn't do drop offs. It was beneath me. I wasn't a fucking prospect,  trying to gain my place. I did that shit years ago. I was in charge of  collecting past due payments on loans, and making sure the local  businesses paid their dues. It was a respectable job within the club and  I loved watching people shit themselves when I walked in their door.

Phil was out of his goddamned mind if he thought I was going to start  doing bitch work. He could have Stumpy or Byrd take care of this stupid  shit. I had better things to be doing tonight, like sinking my cock into  some club whore.

I dialed Phil back, and he answered on the second ring.

"Since when am I some low man on the totem pole? I haven't done deals in  eight goddamned years, and I ain't about to start back up again  either."

"Too fucking bad for you. They found a body just off the highway, and  the cops have planted their asses outside our doors while they  investigate. If I send one of the prospects out, he'll get tailed, and  we'll all be screwed. It's just one drop off. He was buying a good  portion of our shit from Mexico so, in the meantime, while me and Phil  work that shit out we need to hold him over. "

"Whose body was it?"

"According to Stanson, it's a Montamos. Two bullet wounds to the chest."

Our alliance with Stanson, the local sheriff, gave us information before  the public received it. He had been working with the Righteous Outlaws  since the nineties when Phil saved his ass from getting killed by a  Montamos. As long as we continued to protect our town from them, he  turned the other cheek.

"Talk to Stanson, and tell his men to stand down."

"This is the third body in two weeks. The Feds are now involved."

"Fuck," I muttered. "Well, shit. I guess I have no choice then. What's the address?"

"It's at a bar called The Watering Hole. You'll be meeting up with a guy  named Ricky. He's good for whatever you were able to get from the  doctor."

"All I got was his pad."

"Then, you better start writing prescriptions, and stopping at every drug store along the way."

"This is bullshit," I stated. "You better have some Jack and a naked bitch waiting for me when I get back."

"You can count on it. And Cash?"

"Yeah, Phil?"


"Anything for the club," I said, then slipped my phone into my pocket and took off to the beginning of a very long day.


I tilted the bottle to my lips, and let the cold liquid pour down. It  was the never ending fucking day, and I just wanted to get back to my  part of town, but I needed a beer. Having my drop off at a bar was  pretty damn convenient, and I was taking advantage of it.