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Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4)(10)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

"Does she?" Trey grinned. "I guess I'll have to use that to its greatest advantage."

"What do you mean?"

Trey's grin widened. "You'll see."

"I didn't call a band meeting to discuss Eric's nonexistent love life," Brian interrupted. "How could you guys just hire her without consulting me?"

"You were unreachable," Sed said.

"That's bullshit, Sed. You could have called me. This isn't some trivial decision you make on the fly. Have you even seen her work?"

Sed crossed his arms over his broad chest. "Well, not exactly, but Dave vouched for her. That makes her okay by me."

"Of course Dave vouched for her. She's his sister."

"So what do you suggest we do?" Sed asked.

"Find someone who knows what the fuck they're doing. How about that?"

"I think we should give her a chance before we fire her," Jace said.

Everyone hesitated, still not used to Jace speaking his opinion. It wasn't that they didn't respect it. They just didn't expect him to voice it so readily. Jace's woman had somehow managed to break through the impenetrable wall he'd hidden behind since he'd become a member of the band. Aggie should consider a job in top secret military weapons development or something. If she could break through Jace's defenses, she could break through anything.

"I agree," Eric said. "I think Reb will do fine. Dave wouldn't throw her off a cliff without a safety harness."

"Does Marcus know about this?" Brian asked. 

Shit. Wow, look at that new carpet. Very nice. Eric noticed the black flecks in the red for the first time as he stared at it to avoid Brian's accusatory glare.

"I'll take that as a no." Brian sighed. "You know Marcus wants the FOH position. As monitor engineer, he has seniority."

"I'd agree, except Dave's coming back," Sed said. "We're not giving Dave's job to Marcus. We owe Dave that. This is just temporary, until he gets back."

Brian rubbed a hand over his face. "You know I hope you're right, man, but let's face facts. Dave's paralyzed. How likely is it for him to ever return?"

"He can move now," Jace said. "We saw him a few days ago. He was moving. Wasn't he, guys?"

Trey nodded slightly. "Yeah. A little." Trey stared down at his hands and flexed them into tight fists before lifting his head to look at Brian. "We've got to give him more time to recover before we do anything hasty."

"So we're going to give Rebekah a chance then?" Eric prompted.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Brian said.

"I have a bad feeling about your face, but we still let you hang around," Eric said.

Brian crossed his arms over his chest, and after a long tense moment, nodded. "Fine. We'll give her chance. I just hope I won't be saying, 'I told you so' in three days."

Eric grinned. "Great, I'll go tell her."

"Nope, I'm going to tell her," Trey said and sprinted down the steps.

Eric dashed after him.

Chapter 4

Rebekah shut off Eric's Corvette and glanced up to find Trey Mills grinning at her from beside the car. His sultry, green eyes held a spark of orneriness. Her heart skipped a beat. He always looked like he'd just crawled out of bed after a night of fantastic fucking. Rebekah wouldn't mind volunteering to keep him in that look. The man was too fine for his own good. Or her own good, she wasn't sure which.

"Hey." Trey's deep, teasing tone sent a shiver of delight down her spine.

She flushed, wondering why this man just had to look at her to get her all hot and bothered. A bit belatedly, she noticed that Trey had Eric in a headlock with his hand over Eric's mouth. Eric poked Trey in the ribs, which made Trey squirm, but he didn't release him.

"What are you doing to Eric?" Rebekah asked.

"You can't take this obnoxious guy anywhere," Trey said. "Brian's decided you'll do a fine job as our soundboard operator."

She grinned and shook her head. "Liar."

When she opened the car door, Trey stepped back, forcing Eric to move with him. Eric made a sound of protest against Trey's hand.

Trey got a strange look on his face and then laughed. "You think licking my hand will make me release you, Sticks?"

"So what did Brian really say?" Rebekah asked.

She took one of Eric's hands in both of hers. Looking up at Trey, she drew her tongue over Eric's palm. Eric shuddered.

"He said you deserved a chance," Trey said. "Brian is a really great guy, you know. Fair. Considerate."